Wearing the necklace

Bring the wedding t necklace done by the mother of the bride. It is important for either a relative or a blood relative to be done by the father if the mother is absent. First, all the merits the future of my daughter without any difficulty, and have good children and have a good time with your husband. Good luck from this gift of God! Wishing to wear it or put it on the head of the neck. It is important to remain silent at this time.

Happy Couples Up The Couch

Since this is the most important wedding ceremony, it is necessary to have the wedding done on time, since for 15 minutes at the time of the wedding, remove the pair of shoes and both the bride and the groom from the right and the bride from the left. The bride is to be bridged by her father by a father or a relative or relative by the groom.

Significantly, since the most wedded wedding is being held at a festivities, hundreds of people use a porter using a busy society. But this is defective so it is best to get out of it and make a new tablet that is two feet wide and three feet long and put it on the stick and put it on the couch. It is important not only for the occasions, but also for every occasion other than the Jayamangala or the right wedding oath Singing poetry is very important.

Changing rings, giving gifts to their parents

There are occasions when some unknown people make custom for rituals. It does not need a separate wall. All the time, the couple has the prospect of having a good time, so all the customs must be done during that time. Even so, there is nothing wrong with that. And the bridegroom should give it to the White cloth and Red saree on the Poruwa.

Poruwa ceremony

Getting out the Poruwa

The uncle, attached to a bathtub, grabs the couple’s hands and puts them out of the porch and gives out a brat or uncle of the bridegroom. When the ritual enters the ritual, when the rhythm is sung, when the song is sung, as soon as the person tells the name of the woman, the bride’s grandmother scatters the coconut with a lime and a spear. All the things that have been archived should be kept not to be eaten for animals.

Registration of marriages at the best Even though the couple have been married in the Sinhalese form, the marriage will be enacted according to the laws of the kingdom, as the Dutch granted us. It is very important that after attending the feasts, there is a good time after having a good time. It has been observed more than this and it has been established that the timely arrangement for the marriage is not correct.

The reason is that there is a lot of weddings on a good day, as the person who comes to register is busy. Therefore, it is important that we prepare ourselves for this preparation. Therefore, when the time of meeting the person registered with the registered person can not be made at the same time, he / she can sign the signed leaf and come to the correct time of the signing of the sign and then the rest comes in the legal way.

Leaving to the honeymoon friendly couple

The time is right for all the members of the council to leave behind and worship the parents and the elderly. In some places, I have come to see the auspicious time to get out of the house and then conduct the Wedding Council and then send the couple away. When the couple go out, the mother of the bride’s mother come to in front of them with a glass of water.

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