Jewelry set

The Kandian Bride’s Saree (Ossariya) is a cultural proud of today. It’s represents a royal queen. The seven necklaces is symbolize the Paththini Dewi. Pol mal Malaya (Necklace), Babila Necklace, Aralu Necklace, Gedi Necklace, Pethi Necklace, Agasthi Necklace, Pethi Necklace, Padakkam Necklace are using now. Padakkam Necklace is symbolized by the protection of her father’s honor and also her husband.

The upcountry bridesmaids’ Jewelry set was considered a generational gift from generation to generation. Her Thalla is called as Pattini’s Thalla on her head. The moon of the right of the head and left is symbolized forever love of couple like moon and sun. The hair that is balloon-shaped is symbolizes the Mahameru rock (Parwathaya).

It means that she have the ability to live on any difficult situation in her life. Borichchi blouse slaves is symbolized her fullness and ability to live in strongly with her family life. Kandian Saree is necessary to shape the figure beauty of the king’s queen who used to be king of that royal palace that day. And also it is a symbol of proud, happiness and confidence on the wedding day.

Bring the wedding t necklace done by the mother of the bride. It is important for either a relative or a blood relative to be done by the father if the mother is absent. First, all the merits the future of my daughter without any difficulty, and have good children and have a good time with your husband. Good luck from this gift of God! Wishing to wear it or put it on the head of the neck. It is important to remain silent at this time.

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