To illustrate a person’s mood is to describe a value as something of a high value. Due to the beauty of the gem, it is also expensive due to its physical properties and extremely rare. Sri Lanka’s precious gems are renowned throughout the world.

There are gems from various parts of the world that are classified according to their design, color, hardiness. A lot of gems are found in Sri Lanka. A variety of gems have various meanings. This note is about the most expensive gems in the world.


The world’s rareest type of gemstone is Sapphire. This is a pinkish-orange color. This name has been shrouded in Sanskrit and Sinhala and the Lotus blossom is symbolic. This is most commonly found in Sri Lanka. In addition, we come across a little from Madagascar and Tanzania. However, the highest level of interest is found only by Sri Lanka.

The colors of the shades of Madagascar and Tanzania are in short supply. This gem type carrot is Rs. 1,200,000 from Sri Lanka.

Red Beryl

This gemstone is one of the rare gems of the category. These are found only in Utah and New Mexico in the United States. In 1904, it was difficult to find this gem that was first discovered by Myanard Briksbi. There are special ecological conditions to create these. Often, these are found in small quantities of carrots smaller than 1 carrot. The market value of these is around Rs. 1,500,000.


This gemstone is a remarkable feature of completely different colors under the light of the sun and light bulbs. It shines in the shade of the sun in the sunlight, and the red light in the light bulb appears in the sunlight. In this way, different colors on the light source are very rare.

This gemstone is also known as Alexandrite, first identified in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830. This has been named after King Alexander II of Russia. It is rare that these are rare rocks, from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and elsewhere. The value of a carrot is around Rs. 1,800,000.

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