To illustrate a person’s mood is to describe a value as something of a high value. Due to the beauty of the gem, it is also expensive due to its physical properties and extremely rare. Sri Lanka’s precious gems are renowned throughout the world.

There are gems from various parts of the world that are classified according to their design, color, hardiness. A lot of gems are found in Sri Lanka. A variety of gems have various meanings. This note is about the most expensive gems in the world.


In the 1960s, Digiteite gems were discovered in St. Hillery, Quebec, Canada. This is the hardness of the gem, with the average size of the M size, or the standard hardness, and pink. In 2000, the largest gem of this type was found in Myanmar and its weight is 9.41 carats. The market value of a carrot of this type is around Rs. 450,000.

Demantoid Garnet

Unlike Gomez, it is considered a rare gem. This is known in Russia in the middle of the 19th century, and the golden parts that sometimes clothe golden background add to the beauty. Also, these are most commonly found in tiny quantities of precious stones. The market value of a carrot is around Rs. 500,000.

Black Opal

This jewel belongs to the genius and is considered to be the richest gem of the category. Almost all these gems are found only in the area of New South Wales, Australia. It is mainly black, though it can be seen as a gemstone or at least a different color. The value of a carrot is around Rs. 525,000.


These are considered as the finest gems in the world. This gem must have a very bright blue color. This was first explored while in the San Benito River Valley, California, in the United States. This draws heavily on the light, and in the light of the ultraviolet, luminous shines in blue. One of these beans is worth around Rs. 570,000

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