To illustrate a person’s mood is to describe a value as something of a high value. Due to the beauty of the gem, it is also expensive due to its physical properties and extremely rare. Sri Lanka’s precious gems are renowned throughout the world.

There are gems from various parts of the world that are classified according to their design, color, hardiness. A lot of gems are found in Sri Lanka. A variety of gems have various meanings. This note is about the most expensive gems in the world.


Usual diamonds are a pollen of carbon. Diamonds also boast of its extreme hardiness. Diamond is produced in the vicinity of the kimberlite rock transition time. It takes about 1 to 3 billion years to produce a diamond. The market value of a diamond carrot is around Rs 2,250,000.


The rare gemstone made of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, silicon, boron, and oxygen have first been found in Sri Lanka in 1902. It is called Serendibite, and the origin of Sri Lankan origin. In addition to Sri Lanka, this gem was also found recently from Myanmar. The market value of Serendibite Carrot is about 2,700,000 Sri Lankan rupees.


At the glimpse of the jadeite rock, other rare gems do not have a bright surface. However, this is the world’s richest and most expensive gem. The high price of this semi-transparent, dark green color rocks has been due to its extreme rarity. The market value of this jewel of a carrot is as high as 3,000,000 rupees.


These were first found in Madagascar in 1902 AD. These are partially encountered by rock and rock bars of aluminum and are partially transparent. These gems usually have a blue, green color. The market value of a gardeidine carrot is around Rs. 3,000,000 in Sri Lanka.

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