To illustrate a person’s mood is to describe a value as something of a high value. Due to the beauty of the gem, it is also expensive due to its physical properties and extremely rare. Sri Lanka’s precious gems are renowned throughout the world.

There are gems from various parts of the world that are classified according to their design, color, hardiness. A lot of gems are found in Sri Lanka. A variety of gems have various meanings. This note is about the most expensive gems in the world.


The only one that has ever seen the world is from Northern Tanzania only. In 1967, this first gemstone was discovered by a Mazai tribe named Eli Jouwattu.

The Tanzynite color is blue, and this is rare because it is believed that for another 20 to 30 years, the supply will be completely stopped. Therefore, it is assumed that the magnitude of an event will be equal to the magnitude of the TNC. By now, a Tanzinit Carrot is sold at around Rs. 180,000.


The gem that comes with aluminum-blended boards includes small fluoride and hydroxide ion. It was first discovered in Siberia in 1883. It is as hard as Quartz (quartz). Due to the high hardness of the materials, it is possible to create different jewelry. In the market for one of these, one carrots cost about 300,000 rupees.

Fire Opal

Designed with hydrochloric acid silicon dioxide, this gemstone is not technically possible because it does not have the crystalline structure of a mineral. These types of gems may have colored or variegated patterns, and the soil and environmental factors have the power to create the same color. In the market, these are carrots which cost around Rs. 350,000.


Tafital is one of the most rare gems in the world. It’s so rare that it’s rarely worth a million diamonds. In 1945, scientist Richard Taff, who studied the gems, was identified in a gem shop in Dublin, Ireland, which until now was incorrectly identified as another gemstone.

Even today, this gem has been found only in two locations. It is from Tanzania and Sri Lanka. It is very difficult to find these in the market and the price of a carrot is around Rs. 375,000.

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