How lucky it is to be a full-fledged long hairdryer? But who does she have today who has a beautiful haircut? Often we hear how various causes cause various types of illnesses and have a harmful influence on the hair hygiene.

Hair loss, hair bumps, thinning, shingles, fading, lack of growth are the most common problems today. Why is this the case? What instructions should we follow if we want to keep our hair healthy?

With carelessness, hair is abnormal.

Today, hair loss and lack of care are often associated with hair loss. Many people think about hair only. Care does not take care of the hair. This way, you can lose a healthy hair bud.

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many reasons for this. Some people are less hairy. Young children’s names are malnourished, and their hair decreases because of iron and calcium. Heads to Odylons on your head. This is also not a good thing for the hair. A haircut is a must for a while. Batheel is used by children to feed their heads at a young age.

Applying bringal oil every day, and the growth of young children’s hair grows. No headache or headache. Olive oil should be applied to the place where the child is born.

The condition is not only young girls but also young people. The baldness (from the tube of the skimmer) is followed by hair balding in the middle of the forehead and under the head. Frequent use of helmets, hats, hairstyles, creams, etc. is a daily occurrence.

Bathing at evening or night is not good.

Some people use the heat to shower. This is not appropriate. Some do not have a time of combing. At that time, baths from 12.00 to 1.00 pm are included in the bath. There are also bathers on the 3rd and 4th as they sweat and sweat. This causes sickness. This also makes the hair shrink and the hair becomes shiny.

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