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Information & Communication Technology

GCE (O/L) | GIT | Multiple Choice Questions 

Grade 10

Lesson 01

Introduction of ICT (ICT-Introduction-MCQ)

Introduction of ICT (Computer History-MCQ1)

Introduction of ICT (Computer History-MCQ12)

Lesson 02

Fundamentals of a computer system (OS-MCQ8)

Computer Storage Devices (OS-MCQ4)

Computer Ports (computer-system-mcq1)

Computer System (computer-system-mcq3)

Computer Networking (computer-networking-mcq1)

Lesson 03

Solve problems related to binary and decimal (Number System-MCQ1) 

Number system – MCQ 2

Number system – MCQ 3

Lesson 04

Basic Logic Gates (Logicgates-MCQ1)

Lesson  05

Use Operating System (OS-MCQ1)

Operating System (OS-MCQ2)

Lesson 06

Identify general tools of word processing  (Word-Processing-MCQ1)

word processing – 02  (Word-Processing-MCQ2)

Lesson 07

Identify features of a spreadsheet worksheet (Spreadsheet-software-MCQ1) 

Identify Cell formatting tools of Spreadsheet  (Spreadsheet-software-MCQ2) 

Use simple formula and basic functions (spreadsheet-software-mcq3)

Lesson 08

Presentation (presentation-software-sm-01)

Lesson 09

Data Base (data-base-mcq1)

Grade 11

Lesson 01

Algorithm and Flow Charts (programming-mcq1)

Programming 02

Lesson 02

Lesson 03

Lesson 04

Lesson 05

Web Site Development

Lesson 06

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