Life is an amazing gift of nature. Most one never satisfied by their lives. But nature given us to balance life style according to our past soul. As a woman or men, we have to fulfill our responsibilities and duties from birth to death.


As an embryo, a baby growing in mother’s womb. At least 9 months, normally an embryo lives in mother’s womb. Her fascinating love, protection and heart beat affected to the embryo. Surrounding of mother and her feelings feels to the embryo. Those feelings affected to whole life of a person. After nine month, mother deliver a newborn to the world. After birth, child belongs to his/her family class, caste, religion and also nationality.

As a Baby

Under protection of her/his mother and family members, the baby starts her/his life. The baby start to see world with her/his eyes and attention to voice. As a baby, everyone wants breast feeding. It not only food but also mothers’ love & warmth. Some babies are not lucky to fell mothers’ love & warmth because of various situations. As example, Mothers’ death at delivery time or neglect new baby by his/her mother or family.

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