Andare is the jester of the Royal Palace. One day he goes to meet the King at the Palace

Andare : May you live long, My Lord and My Queen!

King : I was expecting you, Andare. It’s a fine day, isn’t it? Andare, Shall we go for a walk in the Royal Garden?

Andare : Yes My Lord! If you please

Andare and king walking in Royal garden. Andare is seeing a mat.

Andare : What’s on that mat Your Majesty?

King: Andare, this is a kind of white sand. The royal gardener has put it there to dry

But Andare knew , it is lie. He planed to play a trick. “Well, well… This is not white sand. It’s sugar!

If only I could taste it! I must play a trick.” He thought.

Andare : My Lord, please permit me to leave now.

King : Yes, you may.

Andare went to home and call to his son.

Andare: Son, I’m going to the Palace. As I told you come to the Palace crying and tell me that your mother died.

Son : Alright, father

After while, again Andare went to Palace.

Andare : May you live long Your Majesty! I hope you enjoyed your lunch My Lord.

Andare Spend some time with king. Then, he saw his son come to the palace.

Andare : My Lord, here comes my son. Oh! He looks so sad! why are you crying my son?

Son: Oh! Father , our mother died! I can’t live without her!

Anadre: What shall we do now? I’m heart broken. Who will take care of us now?What’s the use of my life now? Let’s eat this sand! I too want to die!

However, They ate full of sand by playing trick. The King laugh more.

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