New Tele drama telecast by Swarnawahini, Sri Lanka.

Story :

There’s got to be a fortune to win life. It’s lucky to get away from home.

Even from the mother, this unknowingly goes to another person’s home. How much can you spend trying to win life together with destiny?

Time : Every Weekday 8.00 pm

Director : Priyantha Kolabā·Šge

Actors : Teena Fernando

By Director :

” The main character here is ‘Sakun’. This story is about this girl. The play, the social influence, the qualities of the people living between the town and the city, and the humanitarian interactions between them.

Similarly, a child born in a country such as a father of a father does not have a name for a father of a child, how this society is treated, how the society treats such children, is a very serious tele drama about the child’s mentality of such children. It is also a very dancing music scene and an exuding social commentary to the spectator. ” Says By Director Priyantha Kolabage.

Theme Song :

Title : Hadawatha Gambure (Sakuge Kathawa Teledrama Theme Song)

Artist : Sajani Kaveesha

Music : Mahen Perera & Udara Samaraweera

Lyrics : Sajani Kaveesha

Artist :Vinod Alwis

Music :Mahen Perera & Udara Samaraweera

Lyrics : Nandana Wickramage

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