Anyway, Gandhi has always taken the lead in saying that “every human being has equal freedom of expression.”

“Therefore, he is called the” Mahama “meaning” supernatural, “meaning” Rabindranath Tagore “.

Gandhi, who became the pilot of the Indian National Congress in 1921, worked hard to establish the idea of “what is his country – Siri Sahappa” in the minds of the people.

He was an example to himself to make himself worn by a wrecked cloth, and to himself only to eat local food alone. India was a free, united and wealthy dream. In 1922, the British rulers imprisoned him.

Gandhi launched a wonderful program that gave rise to salt tax imposed by the British. In 1930, he organized the “Great Salt Walk” at the final ocean, which was about four and a half kilometers away. It was his intention to go there to produce salt.

During the Second World War, he was imprisoned by the British in the period from 1942 to 1944. Meanwhile, the British Empire was weakening. Gandhi had the opportunity to attend India’s Independence Day meetings.

In 1945 the Great Britain decided to leave India.

Gandhi also loved Gaddig’s gigantic and Tolstoy-style book. Jawaharlalan was considered his lifelong friend and had maintained friendly relations with him even while he was dead.

Mahatma Gandhi who liberated the love of the great Bharath with love as a weapon, was an example to the whole world. But some Hindu extremists failed to understand equality. Several of them jointly planned his assassination plot.

Pakistan’s Muslims, and Hindus in India were the same human groups. He did not want to see Pakistan as a separate state. In the late 1947’s, Gandhi dealt with the serious conflicts between Hindu and Muslim religious leaders of India, starting a fast.

“Are You a Hindu?”

Gandhi had answered that question in the same manner:

“Yes, I am a Hindu, and I am a Christian, I am a Muslim, and I am a Jew and a Buddhist.”

But the Hindu extremists accuse him of betraying Hinduism. He was assassinated by the Gods, Hindus bullet, by his side near the Hindu Church in New Delhi, in New Delhi. That was January 30, 1948.

His body was burned down in a bowl in the color of the sacred Yamuna river. But at the time, even “Mahatma Gandhi” has become an eternal non-violent leader, not only to the great Bharatha, but also to many other parts of the world.

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