School children use miscellaneous web sites to engage in wrong conversations with girls and boys. In this, they make video, video tutorials, and video clips that have sex and obscene content. Some people find the wars of the Internet through criminal networks to cope.

They devote their time in the pursuit of new possibilities to search on the Internet, such as latest fashions, new body shaping techniques. They like their liking artists, actors. Shooting of examinations, exams, etc. is not a good way to shape the way they are. This will bring our future generation down. Many have been tempted to misuse the convenience of communication using mobile phones. Some people in the world have become accustomed to using a variety of crimes, sharing other bad ideas, threatening money, invading and using them.

The Internet has been used to kill people and rape women. If these actions continue to be the same, the generations will be tougher than the new generation. It will be like the whole world to us as a devastating thing. Therefore, we have to stand up for this today, and our future generations have to struggle. However, I should definitely say that these techniques have made us lazy, emotionless, hopeless people. If we argue, we will be ahead of our ancestors, because we know what causes us to know why it is. And because we know how to communicate them, we know how to deal with such diseases, depression, etc..

But we would have to admit that we are more concerned with our ancestors compared to our ancestors. We are also in an unhealthy mental state, and we live in a more corrupt world.Today we have a lot of ways to communicate today with modern technology, but the time for that has been reduced. With their families, having a chat room with their friends, finding a place in this busy world is very difficult.

True, we have an easy life compared to our ancestors, but how dependable it is on how much life has been based on it. I invite you to think that our lives are handed over to the Sutras, and that we use our strength to benefit from it.

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