Child must start his/her formal education at five years old. Montessori/Preschool education begins first in Sri Lanka. There are most of preschools in Sri Lanka that given pre-education properly. Government and private organization also conduct preschools.


After ending preschool period, every child must go schools. Some parents select government schools or private schools (International Schools) as their preferred or according to their social level. Now government schools also conduct English medium syllabus in selected schools. So students can learn in English medium and sit for Ordinary Level and advanced Level exams in English Medium. It’s very helpful for students to engage with future world.

There are most valuable exams in Sri Lanka for students.

  • Grade 05 scholarship exam
  • GCE Ordinary Level Exam
  • GCE Advanced Level Exam

Grade 05 scholarship Exam

In primary section, Students have to face for Grade 05 scholarship exam. That exam held for select scholarship students. Passed Students in low income families are qualified for scholarships and also for National Schools. Nowadays cut of marks is highest than fast. Rich students are not selected for scholarships but they have admissions for National Schools.

GCE Ordinary Level Exam

students have to sit for GCE Ordinary Level Exam in grade 11. Now students faced for nine subjects in there exam. Those are five main subjects and 3 extra subjects. Students can select those three subjects as their talents or preferred. This exam isn’t a competitive exam. So all students who have can get six pass with three or four credits are can admit for GCE advanced Level classes.

GCE Ordinary Level Exam

Students can select subjects stream for GCE Advanced Level. Those subject streams as follows.

  1. Art
  2. Commerce
  3. Science
  4. Technology
  5. Common

Students can select suitable subjects stream as their talents or GCE (O/L) results. Because, students must have talent for most of AL subjects. After tow years, Examination department held an exam to select students for universities. GCE (A/L) exam is very competitive exam in students life.

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