Using the technology correctly…

The world has changed since then. People have changed. The life has changed. The society has changed. With the change of globalization it is difficult to say how good it is to say. But it is not bad either. But in this change there is good and bad coexistence.

The concept that the world is a global village is right for the society. Does it mean that we get the best in the world? These are things we need to think about. Technology has created new products and creations in the world. So we could do our work more efficiently and effectively. We all know very well that we have to wait a few days to send a letter to a good friend and we have to wait a few days to get a reply.

Email, phone calls, facsimile messages, text messages, and text messages can be used online. Credit cards, debit cards are commonly used here.

Also facebook, twitter, etc. Social networking sites can be identified by many people. It is easy to communicate with ussapp, viber, skype while there is a large street corner. Anything can be found through Google at any one time, there are any types of videos on youtube.

There are also minor adverse effects from the technology provided with many of these facilities. How many children have been addicted to websites like Facebook? How lenient have you been lustful over time to communicate with people who are not familiar with different forms? And I’ve heard you paid compensation for your lives, and how cheating will you have on online payments?

So what should we do? Should not go in with the advancing world? Should technology be purged? No, sometimes it does not have to. We must go with the world. We must be in the global village, but we must choose what we choose very carefully. We must not bring the technology to the brink.

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