From the very early days, Dogs was a close friend of Human. Some dogs may be more honest than some human may have. So, we are going to tell you some of the dogs to make you need to know.


Rottweiler, who loves his master and love to young children. Daily training can help maintain the quality of dogs of this type in a high-quality manner, and they can be trained in a timely manner.

Do you Know?

It was from the time of the Roman Empire that dogs came from the Rottweiler. In the past, the Rottweiler dogs used the carts of the Romanians for their heavy loads. Otherwise, the Rottweiler assume that they are “Lap Dog”. So, suddenly, do not be surprised if they try to get on the edge of the crib when they are sitting.


Labrador is a dog that can easily identify the world. They are usually large. When grown up, a dog is taller than two feet. They have a very heavy and oily body. They can easily identify with a broken ears and a long nose.

They can be swallowed when they play in the water because of a salty dog’s behavior. The colorful, black, and black colored dogs are always made of wool from their basic colors.

Do You know?

Labs dogs can be great. People refer to him as a master of all kinds of blades that we cannot properly exercise because of my husband’s proper exercise. Therefore, it is equally important to be in love and to have proper exercise as well.

Golden Retriever

A lovely colored long fur, a very beautiful and very active dog, Golden Retriever is often played and a dog can be kept confident in security. This type of craft is always our love because of the behavior of peace and the devotion of the householder to the householder. This dog is the perfect match for a dog’s friend.

You know?

That these dogs are instantly waiting for water to jump off.  The Golden Retriever dogs who like to dine in are considered to be the pet of people with mental retardation due to the close association they have with their people. They also use the sharp ewes that they have, and they use the police dogs as dogs.


If you want to create a beautiful dog like a flowerpot in a home, you need to be a Pomeranian dog. Although there are more beautiful dogs like dogs, the most suitable for Sri Lanka is the Pomeranian itself. It is a small bird that has a different color. One of the smallest dogs in the world, known as the show dog, is called Poromenians.

You know?

Pomeranian is famous for its dog-training skills that can train a few small toys. And it’s important to remember this, too, that they will be able to slash the mills in moths warming up in March, April, April and April.

Dogs in Sri lankan house

There is no specific name for the term but in the present, most of the houses are the only uncharted body guard in most of the houses, this is the “Gamballa”, which is our tales, the same as the devil himself. Sometimes it’s very violent, but this dog, which is highly regarded by the master, often finds us on the road. It is also known as a Sri Lankan dog that has been added to the human habitat from the forest.

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