We need to start the story from Morris Motors to start the mini-story. I will briefly explain why I have no time to speak lengthy. Morris Motors started in 1919. In Britain, the auto industry was developing. From that time on, Morris Minor, Maurice Minnie, and Morris Oxford have gotten a lot of amazing vehicles like Maurice.

Morris Logo

In 1984, Morris left the company. Today, Morris is owned by SAIC Limited, China. Currently, the MG Brand belongs to them as well. By the time, Morrison was headed by Lenard Lowd. In 1951, when British and British motorcyclists Morris and Austin got together, he became the boss of the BMC. It was because of the way that the mini was born.

Lenard Lowd

The other person to be rewarded with the Mini is the Sir Alexander (Alec) Isigonis. He was the one who created Morris Miner. I still respect him so much as creating the Maurice Minor, not the creation of a mini. If the Morris Minor was not available, the BMC would not have needed the technical or economic background to create the mini.

Sir Alexander (Alec) Isigonis

By the end of the 1950s, Britain had not been upside down because of World War II. There was a lot of restrictions on fuel and tires. By now, the usual price was that of cars such as Maurice Miner, Austin A30 and Ford Poplar cars. When Ford was introduced in 1953, the car was the cheapest one.

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