Talks about elephants

The immense species of wild elephants in our country is elephants. Even though we like to see elephants from the infant, the awareness of them is not enough. The more elephants we need, the more we console the elephant and the conservation of their wildlife.


Elephant is a mammalian animal. That is, the Malamia Mammalia (Proboscidea) Proboscidea tribe. It means the nostrils and the upper extremities. The elephants are dominated by two main species. Elephant in Elephant Elephas Maximus is an Asian elephant, and elephant Loxodonta Africana is an African elephant in Africa. In-depth search for elephants distributes more species (special) to several. The Asian elephant is ahead of the elephant than an African elephant.

But the female elephant and the male elephant are naturally inherited. Therefore, the males are furrowed and the females are called. The Asian elephant’s stamp is only for males. Also, only a generation of genetic treasures are in place. Therefore, when the Asian elephant is named, it is said: If the males are male, elephant, male losing male tigers, and both of them are female.

The elephant is a herbaceous creature. They have sixteen teeth in their lifetime. But its mouth always has only one active teeth. When a finger dies, another pair of teeth comes in. An elephant’s life span is 65 to 75 years. An elephant will die after all the teeth have passed. Therefore, there is a well-known saying that an elephant is killed, not because of aging, but because of the result of teething.

It is said that the toothpaste of elephants can be delayed for nearly ten years. For example, the story of Kandy Raja, which lived for 85 years, is continued. The tooth of an elephant is like a small bricks. It grows steadily, with two steady incisive teeth.

There is a sharp, sensuous piece of elephant’s trunk. Let’s call it the finger. This sensitive part receives food and recognizes certain things. The fingertips are one of the Asian elephants and two of the African elephants. Most of the elephant’s meats are grasses. There are also some varieties of birch and bark.

More than 150 kilograms a day. Drink 60 to 120 liters of water. Finding food and water for 10 to 12 miles or even further. Dry environment is enriched by man’s intervention during the time of the forest. Water and food, this is a simple idea.

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