Supportive seminar papers – GCE (O/L)

Supportive seminar papers


The ministry of education has released supportive seminar paper for GCE (O/L) 2019  and publish on e-thaksalawa Learning Management System.


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Supportive seminar papers


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Second Term

Competency: 11

Explores the Systems Development Life Cycle of information system development.

11.1 Describes the concept of information system.

11.2 Explains the Systems Development life cycle.

Competency: 12

Uses the Internet for information search and communication effectively.

12.1 Uses the Internet to access information

12.2 Uses the Internet for communication

Competency: 13

Develops Multimedia contents to express ideas effectively.

13.1 Creates effective still graphics using suitable graphic software.

13.2 Creates effective 2D animations using suitable 2D animations software

13.3 Edit Audio and video contents using suitable software

13.4 Effectively integrates multimedia contents

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