Part : I

In modern times, human lives are being built in a very fast and very busy environment. Now, new methods, modern machinery, and modern facilities have made mankind easy to handle. And this modern thing made us a bit lazy people.

Today we live in a multitude of Modern Technologies, such as Medicine, Information technology, Construction technology, Robotics. These various techniques are different from time to time, but today I will focus more on how these latest technologies affect our future generation.

A computer generated in the last century is not just the basic feature of all these techniques. It is also important to bring these technologies to a higher standard. Also, the computer is able to make an unbelievable change in the present generation. None of our forefathers have spent the same life as we are today.

Not only did our adults (50-60 years old), even today, prefer to get used to the latest technology, because they were not very comfortable with this easy-to-use lifestyle. We are the proud inheritors of the new generation, a developing universe.

Information Technology is the primary component of modern technology. Computers, the Internet, and electronics will help to strengthen information technology. The computer is the highest discovery in the human society, but the Internet is also the father of the computer. The computer and the Internet have always had to go together.

The lack of one of them is an interesting, dull thing. A computer that summarizes the capabilities and data of the human mind, makes it easier to navigate our life, the Internet creates major problems in the modern technology world, as well as minor problems.

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