Today, we celebrate this 70th anniversary of our country’s independence. Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister, DM Jayaratne, who was the first to be nominated for the victory of freedom in our country. S. Senanayake College We should be born as a great person in this country and come to politics for the common people. He has to speak about the services of our country in the era and should be honored with honor.

S. We thought it was a mess when we celebrated the 70th anniversary of Independence Day, about DS Senanayake’s life story. Sri Lankan youth worker Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa is the director of the film. Suneth has produced several controversial films such as Sinhaava Sankara and Prasanna in the local cinema.

Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa’s latest film, DS Senanayake, will be screened on the 12th of this month. This film, which will be screened at the Ridma Ambassadors’ Hall, will be screened in both Sinhala and Tamil at the same time in Colombo and in Jaffna. Accordingly, the Tamil script will be displayed in Colombo in the Colombo and Jaffna respectively.

It is the first political biography of history in Sri Lanka. It is created with the dhamma DS Senanayake’s lifestyle.

Lakshman Mendis, Thumindu Dodanthenna, Palitha Silva, Sriyantha Mendis and Janak Premalal and more than 100 actors.

Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne’s lyrics, and Amarasiri Peiris’ and Samantha Perera’s singing “Enlarge” S ‘is certainly a great experience for the Sri Lankan audience.

Nidahase piya movie trailer

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