Mee Mure

Mee Mure Village is situated in the vicinity of the Knuckles mountain range in Kandy and Matale districts. There climate is amazing .

There are more than 400 villagers living in this village .This village is rich in agriculture and is cultural .

Therefore, in the famous village of Suriya Arana, the film was also filmed in this village.


This area called Sembuwatta flows through the hilly tea estate and the Rose Sauce forest adorned with a depth of 35 feet below the Sembuwatta Wewa.

During the Colonial period, the British began to cultivate tea, and in the surrounding area of the lake, they used the Poles as white people. But in 1949, a tea factory was constructed near the Sembutta estate and a tank has been constructed in the Polo ground for the purpose of getting electricity.

It has been shut down for over 20 years, but it is this tank that supplies electricity to the houses that are being built around it.

According to legends, Kankani who had worked with the estate had fled to India and had fused the place where his son was the source of the water source near the water mill near this tea factory. The name “Sembuwatta” falls in the same way, as is evident from the legend. At present, visitors who visit the Sembutta can see the ruins of the Kovil.

In the year 2005, the estate manager, Raddis Dissage, was in charge of the estate and the proper maintenance of the “Sembuwattha” tank and the area around it, built summer cottages and a swimming pool around the lake. This place is popular among tourists. Action has been taken. Thereafter, a fee will be charged from the local and foreign tourists for the purpose of maintenance.

By now, around 10 summer houses have been built around the tank and, if necessary, can be reserved for a night. Also, a special place has been built for children’s playgrounds and a boat service has already begun to circle around the lake for those who want to see the scenery.

The swimming pool next to the lake has a depth of about 5 feet and can be bathed for anyone. The swimming pool is fed with springs and it’s cold, it’s too cold for a long time.

The holiday resort has previously been used as an official estate of the Assistant Estate superintendent Sembuwatta. This area should be filled with spectacular scenery, for tele-dramas as well as for visual artwork. Most of the tourists visiting this area are the Arabs.

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