Information & Communication Technology

Grade 06

Competency 1 : Appreciates the importance of computers

Competency 2 : Appreciates the need for using computers safely

Competency 3 : Uses operating systems

Competency 4 : Uses application software appropriately

Competency 5 : Appreciates the concept of algorithms and develops simple programs

Competency 6 : Appreciates the Internet for information gathering and communication

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 07


——————————-CoMMINg sOOn————————–

Competency 1 : Identifies the organization of the Computer

Competency 2 : Explores the functions of the Operating System

Competency 3 : Uses various safety precautions in a computer laboratory

Competency 4 : Uses text editing software to type effectively

Competency 5 : Uses programming language to develop simple programs (Using Scratch)

Competency 6 : Uses Presentation software to create a presentation

Competency 7 : Uses the services of the Internet and develops web pages

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 08

——————————-CoMMINg sOOn————————–

Competency 1 : Investigates how instructions and data are represented in the computer

Competency 2: Uses computers efficiently and effectively with operating system

Competency 3 : Use of word-processing software in day today activities

Competency 4: Uses flow chart to solve simple problems with sequence, selection and develop programs (Using Scratch)

Competency 5: Uses a software package for physical computing to implement programming logic

Competency 6: Explores educational information using the Internet

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 09

——————————-CoMMINg sOOn————————–

Competency 1: Prepares specifications for purchasing a computer and peripherals

Competency 2: Uses spreadsheet software for calculations and for simple analysis of data

Competency 3 : Uses flow charts to solve simple problem with Sequence, Selection,

Competency:  4 Improves skills in Physical Computing

Competency 5: Investigates computer network for communication and resource sharing

Competency 6:Explores the impact of ICT on society and career opportunities

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 10

——————————-CoMMINg sOOn————————–

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 11

——————————-CoMMINg sOOn————————–

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