National Institute of Education Bachelor of Education (Special) Degree Programme 2022/2025

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Applications are invited for the Bachelor of Education (Special) Degree programme (2022/2025) conducted by the National Institute of Education

  1. Nature of the Course

1.1 Bachelor of Education (Special) Degree programme consists of 120 credits. 40 credits will be exempted for those with the National Diploma in teaching.

1.2 This is a blended learning course involving online and face to face sessions.

1.3 The course will be conducted in Sinhala and Tamil. In addition, it will be conducted in the English medium for teachers of English.

1.4 You can select a subject from the subjects given below for your academic subject area.

  1. Qualifying Requirements

2.1 At least a pass in three subjects at the GCE (A/L) or,

2.2 Teacher Training Certificate of the Government Teachers’ Training Colleges or,

2.3 PRINSET Teacher Training Certificate of the National Institute of Education or,

2.4 HNDE Certificate of the Advanced Technological Institute or,

2.5 Diploma in Teaching Certificate of the National Colleges of Education or,

2.6 Any other qualifications accepted by the Council of the National Institute of Education or, and

2.7 Should be in the permanent service of Sri Lanka Teacher Service/ Sri Lanka Principal Service/ Sri Lanka In-service Advisor Service/ Sri Lanka Teacher Educator Service/Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service on 1 st of November 2021.


2.8 Appointment should be permanent, and should be in continuous service on 1st of November 2021

3.0 Course Fees

The course fee could be paid in two installments. Fee for the written exams held at the end of all academic years should be paid for when applying for the examination. The relevant examination fees have to be paid on applying for the Examination. The Council of the National Institute of Education has the power to revise fees.

4.0 Regional Centers

  • The list of regional centers, subject stream where courses are conducted and medium are given below. Applicants can select only two centers on preference. The National Institute of Education has the right to decide on the centers having subject areas and numbers for each stream.

5.0 Selecting Candidates

Selection will be made on written test and an interview or on solely on an interview. The written test will consist of a paper in Aptitude and General knowledge in education. The interview will be held on the basis of marks obtained at the entrance examination. Providing false information is an offence.

6.0 Application Procedure

6.1 You can find information about the course on web site of the Department of Examination, National Institute of Education -http://www.exams.nie.lk/intake/new.

6.2 Follow the given instructions when applying online.

6.2.1 Go to Web Address, http://www.exams.nie.lk/intake/new, Sign Up and complete your personal details. Write down your User ID and Password.

6.2.2 Enter the User ID and Password where you see an icon Log In which is on the right top corner of the website.

6.2.3 Go to User Profile and update the following information. o Personal Information o Service Information o Academic and Professional Information

6.2.4 Next you can enter New Enrollment

6.2.5 Now you can see your completed application (My Application)

6.2.6 Now you can confirm whether the information you provided is correct.

6.2.7 In the column number – six (06) of the same website page you can choose your subject and the regional center.

6.2.8 Then enter the section Payment Reference Number which is in STEP 2 Payment. (Applicants can pay the Application Fee either using online or deposit the money at a branch of the bank in person).

Then upload the payment receipt for the amount Rs. 1500/=, you deposited at any branch of the Bank of Ceylon (BOC) in favor of Director General’s Account Number 607628 at the Bank of Ceylon Maharagama

6.2.9 Those who deposit the fee at the bank should enter the deposited date and Transaction Reference Number in addition to the attachment of the deposit slip.

6.2.10 After submitting the completed application, write down the Application Reference Number, provided by the National Institute of Education in online. For further information, call 0117601777 / 0117601776 / 0117601755 on week days between 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Closing date of the application: 2021 November 25.

Dr. Sunil Jayantha Nawaratna

Director General

National Institute of Education

Source: https://www.exams.nie.lk/

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