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Information & Communication Technology

Grade 06

Competency 1 :

Appreciates the importance of computers

Competency Level 1.1: Explains the functions of the computer and its characteristics

Competency Level 1.2: Identifies computer components

Competency Level 1.3: Describes the need for software

Competency Level 1.4: Appreciates the use of the computer to carry out routine work

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

Competency 2 :

Appreciates the need for using computers safely

Competency Level 2.1: Uses the computer laboratory properly

Competency Level 2.2: Uses computers and peripherals safely

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

Competency 3 :

Uses operating systems

Competency Level 3.1: Handles files

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

Competency 4 :

Uses application software appropriately

Competency Level 4.1: Uses text editing and drawing software effectively

Competency Level 4.2: Uses audio software and video software effectively

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

Competency 5 :

Appreciates the concept of algorithms and develops simple programs

Competency Level 5.1: Relates practical problem solving process to an algorithm

Competency Level 5.2: Draws flowcharts to explain a process

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

Competency 6 :

Appreciates the Internet for information gathering and communication

Competency Level 6.2: Uses search engines to obtain information

Competency Level 6.3: Uses computers and data safely and securely

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

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