Our island is very beautiful. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful island cities in Sri Lanka since colonial times. But the craze of a craze has touched us as we went to visit other countries. In the discovery channel, we like to see the mountains of Europe in Europe, which we see in the great forests with the lions of Africa among the dry terrain in America.

But it’s more favorable for us to travel to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other destinations.

Unique Thai culture

Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the British, and the Dutch from the Indonesian islands, But Thailand is a land that Theravada, known throughout the ancient world, has become a defective Buddhist culture. Therefore, the culture of Thailand is unique. Only in mushrooms and flavors, the way people think is different is that of a colonial country in Thailand.

The most cordial Thai people are still enjoying these ancient cultural features in their lives. If you are looking for a country that is different from the surrounding countries, there is no other country that is suitable for Thailand except Thailand.

Buddhist ruins

Sukhothai Historical Park in northern Thailand The ruins of the 13th-13th centuries are more than 200 class-built classes. There is an ancient royal paradise. Prasat Hin Phimai, a Thai architect, is based on Khmer art. Thailand is one of the many ancient monasteries and monasteries. The Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok is a great place to breathe in Bangkok.

This temple complex is a 85-meter high tattoo made up of Thai. Buddhist temples in the Thai state, which have more than 95 percent Buddhist population.

There are still some ancient ruins of the Ithuya National Park in 1350-1700 AD. Though we are different from the places of worship in our country, it is similar to Theravada Buddhism and Siam (Thai) customs.

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