Grade 09 ICT Term Note – II Term

Grade 09

Information & Communication Technology

Term Note – II Term

Competency: 3.

Uses flow charts to solve simple problem with Sequence Selection, Iteration and develop programs (using Scratch)

3.1 Uses Sequence, Selection and Iteration control structure for drawing flow charts

  • Problem solving using multiple Selections
  • Problem solving using Iterations
  • Problem solving using nested Iterations

3.2 Uses Selection and Iteration (Repetition) control structures for solving simple problems with visual support

  • Selection control structures with multiple conditions
  • Control structure with simple iteration
  • Development of simple programs (sequence, selection and iteration) using visual supports of programming language (using an Interface)

3.3 Develops programs with visual support with nested iterations

  • Development of programs using basic iteration control structure: Repeat
  • Development of visual program with selection & iteration and nested iteration control structure

3.4 Develops programs with array variables

  • Declaration of array variable
  • Applying of array variables to solve problems

Grade 09

Information & Communication Technology

Term Note – II Term

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