Grade 07 ICT Term Note – II Term

Grade 07

Information & Communication Technology

Term Note – II Term

Competency: 5.

Uses programming language to develop simple programs (Using Scratch)

5.1 Analyzes simple problems by decomposing and connecting them logically

Use of flow charts.

  • Sequence
  • Selection (Concept of Selection)
  • Iteration (Concept of Iteration)

5.2 Develops simple programs using visual development environment (Using Scratch)

  • Introduction to Interactive Development Environment – Interface (IDE) to develop computer programs
  • Developing simple programs (sequence type) using visual supports of programming language (using an Interface)

5.3 Describe the concept of variables in programs

  • Definition of variable
  • Use of variables in programs

5.4 Identifies the concept of errors in a program as bugs

  • Introduction of an error to an error-free programs and observation of the output

Competency: 6.

Uses Presentation software to create presentation

6.1 Uses basic functions of Presentation software in creating a presentation.

  • Create, open, save and close a Presentation
  • Add Slide
  • Inserting files/objects (text, picture, shapes, clip art, word art etc.)
  • Formatting of Text
  • Add Multimedia and charts to a slide
  • Slide Designs
  • Move, duplicate, Hide and Delete Slides
  • Slide transitions

Grade 07

Information & Communication Technology

Term Note – II Term

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