Grade 7 – Scratch (5.3.2)

Program Development

Introduction to Scratch Programming and Program Development

  • A visual program development software is an interactive, attractive and a simple program with command blocks.
  • A Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • Can be downloaded freely from the following website.

Scratch 2.0 introducing Interface with Visual Development Environment


  • Motion
  • Looks
  • Sound
  • Events
  • Control
  • Sensing
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • My Blocks

5.3.2 Follow the instructions given bellow to create a program using scratch

  • Double click on scratch icon
  • Run scratch software
  • Click on script tab and select block types
  • Select types of command blocks under Script Tab
  • Drag the blocks to script area
  • Drag the command block and drop on Script Area
  • Develop the program
  • Save as a file
  • Run the program

Scratch Extension

Scratch Extensions make it possible to connect Scratch projects with external hardware (such as LEGO We Do or micro:bit)

There are two types of extensions in Scratch 3.0:

  • Hardware  Extensions
  • Web Extensions

Web Extensions


Web extensions are extensions that come preloaded with Scratch. They are,

  • Music Extension
  • Pen Extension
  • Video Sensing Extension
  • Text to Speech Extension
  • Translate Extension
  • Makey Makey Extension
  • Micro:bit Extension
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