Grade 11 ICT Tutes


Information & Communication Technology

Grade 11 – Tutes



  1. Writes programs to solve problems

10.1. Analyzes the problem

10.2 Uses control structures in developing algorithms to solve problems.

10.3 Uses different tools to present algorithms

10.4 Uses data types in programming.

10.5 Uses operators in programming

10.6 Develops programs involving selection control structure

10.7 Develops programs involving basic iterations.

10.8 Develops programs with nested control structures

10.9 Develops programs using on e-dimensional arrays.

10.10 Structures programs through the use o f sub-programs.

10.11 Explores the evolution of programming languages.

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Second Term

  1. Explores the Systems Development Life Cycle of information system development

11.1 Describes the concept of information system.

11.2 Explains the Systems Development life cycle.

  1. Uses the Internet for information search and communication effectively.

12.1 Uses the Internet to access information

12.2 Uses the Internet for communication

  1. Develops Multimedia contents to express ideas effectively.

13.1 Creates effective still graphics using suitable graphic software.

13.2 Creates effective 2 D animations using suitable 2D animations software

13.3 Edit Audio and video contents using suitable software

13.4 Effectively integrates multimedia contents

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Third Term

  1. Develops websites incorporating multimedia technology.

14.1 Structures information for development of websites.

14.2 Uses HTML basics

14.3 Develops web sites using web development tools

14.4 Demonstrates preparedness to publish web sites

  1. Compares and contrasts benefits and issues related to ICT in society

15.1. Investigates the contribution of ICT to the health sector

15.2. Investigates the contribution of ICT to education

15.3. Investigates the contribution of ICT to agriculture

15.4. Investigates the usage of ICT indifferent industries.

15.5. Explores the contribution of ICT to Business

15.6 Explores the contribution of ICT to Entertainment

15.7. Assesses issues related to ICT with respect to ethical and legal aspects

15.8. Explores issues and precautions related to ICT infrastructure protection

15.9. Investigates health and safety issues inherent in the use of ICT

15.10. Assesses issues associated with ICT and society.

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