Grade 10 ICT Papers


Information & Communication Technology

Grade 10 – Papers



  1. Investigates the place of the computer in the world of information.

1.1 Investigates the contribution of ICT towards national development

1.2 Investigates the computer as a system for converting data into information.

1.3 Explores the evolution of computers to identify its major developments

  1. Selects and uses computer hardware.

2.1 Classifies computers using a variety of methods.

2.2 Explores computer systems by function.

2.3 Identifies and connects basic peripherals to the computer.

2.4 Uses the basic block diagram to demonstrate the computer system

2.5 Investigates benefits and concerns of computer networks for optimal communication.

3.Investigates the methods used to represent data in computer systems

3.1. Uses the binary number system to represent data in computer systems.

3.2. Converts decimal numbers to Binary, Octal and Hexa Decimal

3.3. Converts Binary numbers to Decimal, Octal and Hexa Decimal numbers and vice versa

3.4. Determines the capacity of data storage

3.5. Explores coding systems in computers




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Second Term

5. Uses Boolean logic to work effectively with logic gates

4.1. Identifies basic logic operators and draws truth tables to illustrate their functions

4.2. Applies concepts of Boolean logic to find solutions to simple day-to-day life problems.

5.Works effectively with Operating Systems

5.1. Explores operating systems by type, functions, benefits and concerns.

5.2. Handles files and folders in Operating Systems

6.Uses Word processing Software to Solve Day-to-day problems

6.1. Explores the concept and features of word processing

6.2. Performs basic tasks in word processing software

6.3. Uses different types of formatting in word processing

6.4. Manipulates table feature in word processing software

6.5. Creates and prints documents

6.6. Uses the Mail Merge facility




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Paper I

Third Term

  1. Uses Spreadsheet to solve simple statistical problems

7.1. Explores a Spreadsheet to identify its basic features and functions

7.2. Moves around the worksheet to gain hands on experience of data entry

7.3. Performs basic mathematical operations

7.4. Uses inbuilt functions for calculations

7.5. Formats a worksheet

7.6. Uses relative versus absolute cell references appropriately.

7.7. Creates charts using Spreadsheet to explain data

  1. Uses Presentation software to develop electronic presentations.

8.1. Produces effective presentations integrating multimedia.

8.2. Applies suitable animations to enhance the quality of presentations.

9.Develops simple databases to elicit information.

9.1. Explores the Concept of Database

9.2. Creates a simple database with a single table, manually.

9.3. Converts a manual database into electronic media.

9.4. Design a simple relational database.

9.5. Uses DBMS software to create relational databases

9.6. Uses forms to view and update data

9.7. Creates Queries to extract information

9.8. Creates reports to present information




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North Central – 2018 – Sinhala Medium Paper I Paper I Marking Paper II Paper II Marking


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