Grade 10 ICT Tutes

Information & Communication Technology Grade 10 - Tutes Syllabus FIRST TERM Investigates the place of the computer in the world of information. 1.1 Investigates the contribution of...

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Buddhist Dharmacharya Examinations

Buddhist Dharmacharya Examinations Past Question Papers for Buddhist Dharmacharya Examinations of Sri Lanka Examination Department. Download Dharmacharya Exam Past Papers -  Sinhala medium for free. ...

Dhaham pasal guru vibagaya

Dhaham pasal guru vibagaya (Buddhist sunday school teachers certificate examination) past exam papers Year Paper Download 2010 Dhaham pasal guru vibagaya Download 2016 Dhaham pasal guru vibagaya Download 2019 Dhaham pasal guru vibagaya Download

Technical Extra Reading Books

Extra Reading Books for GCE A/L Technical Stream Students Sinhala Medium & Tamil Medium Language : Sinhala / Grade 12/13 Engineering Technology (Part I) - Introduction...