Grade 12 – ICT II Term – NCP 2019

G.C.E. (A/L) ICT

(Information & Communication Technology)


Syllabus – English


Module 1 : Basic Concepts of  ICT

Explores the basic concepts of ICT together with its role and applicability in today’s knowledge based society


Module 2 : Evolution of Computers

Explores the evolution of computers so as to be able to describe and compare the performance of a modern computer.


Module 3 : Data Representation in Computers

Investigates how data are represented in computers and exploits them in arithmetic and logic operations.


Module 4: Digital Logic Circuits

Uses Logic Gates to design basic Digital Circuits and Devices in Computers.


Module 5 :Memory Management

Uses Memory Management to improve performance of a Computer.


Module 6 : Operating Systems

Uses Operating Systems to manage the overall functionality of computers.


Term II


Part I

Part II


Answer Sheet

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