Grade 10 ICT Lesson 07

Electronic Spreadsheet


This revision assignment covering,

  • fundamental functions and operations of spreadsheets
  • simple mathematical operators and building a formula using values
  • use of function and cell address for writing formulae
  • formatting a worksheet
  • use of relative and absolute cell addresses
  • creating charts.




  • A worksheet is composed of vertical columns and horizontal rows in two diamentional plane.
  • Columns in a worksheet are named with English letters or combination of English letters.
  • Rows in a worksheet are named with numbers.
  • Cells are named firstly by column letter and secondly by row number.
  • Cell content is either a label, value or a fomulae.
  • A formulae is initiated with equals sign (=).
  • There is a presedence of operators.
  • Formulas are made with cell addresses, operators and functions.
  • Formatting tools are used to format labels and values.
  • The fill handle is used to copy formulae.
  • Dollar sign ($) is used to make absolute cell reference.
  • Several chat types are available in spreadsheet applications.




Text Book : ICT GRADE 10



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