ICT – Grade 07 – Lesson 01

Competency 1 :

Identifies the organization of the Computer

Competency Level 1.1 : Identifies the components of a CPU

Time : 01 period

Learning Outcome:

  • Explains the functions of Arithmetic and Logical Unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU)


  • Different types of CPU

Concepts and terms to be highlighted:

  • CPU
  • ALU
  • CU
  • Identifies the CPU in the Computer System
  • Components of a CPU
  • Function of ALU and CU
  • Identifies different types of CPU

Guidance for lesson plans:

  • Divide the students in the class into four groups Identify the searched components in the computer system and other available types in the laboratory
  • Discuss with students the components of CPU
  • Discuss the functions of CPU

Guidance for assessment and evaluation:

  • Identify the different types of operations
  • Identify the different devices which are controlled by the CPU

Quality inputs:

  • Internet facility, Computer

Lesson 01

Part – I

Part – II (NOT YET)

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