ICT – Grade 06 – Lesson 01

Competency 01

Appreciates the importance of computers

Competency Level 1.1:

Explains the functions of the computer and its characteristics

Time : 01 period

Learning Outcome:

  • Identifies the components of a computer
  • Elaborates its role in different environments
  • Lists the functions and characteristics of a computer
  • Identifies the devices with embedded computers


  • Basic components of a computer- Input, Processing, Output, Storage
  • Computer vs. Human
  •  Speed and Efficiency
  1.  Accuracy
  2.  Reliability
  3.  Consistency
  4.  Capacity of storage
  5.  Cost
  6.  Intelligence
  • Devices with embedded computers
  1.  Mobile Phones
  2.  Modern Televisions
  3.  Washing Machines
  4.  Automobiles

Concepts and terms to be highlighted:

  • Components of a computer
  • Characteristics of a computer
  • Devices with embedded computers

Guidance for lesson Plan:

  • Search for components of computers through a web browser and discuss them with students
  • Identify the searched components in the computers and other devices in the laboratory
  • Discuss with students the characteristics – Speed and Efficiency, Accuracy, Reliability etc. – of a computer
  • Discuss the operation of a fully automatic washing matching as a computerized system (embedded system) where the steps of washing to spinning occur according to the user-selected set of instructions (user selected protocol).

Guidance for assessments and evaluations:

  • Identify a device as input or output.
  • Compare the performance of a computer against a human (manual) by using a suitable example such as adding a series of numbers
  • Find out other embedded systems available at home and the students’ environment

Quality inputs:

  • Internet facility, Computer

Competency Level 1.2:

Identifies computer components

Time : 02 periods

Learning Outcome:

  • Identifies the CPU in a computer
  • Lists various input devices
  • Lists various output devices
  • Lists various storage devices
  • Lists various communication devices


  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Input/ Output devices
  • Storage devices
  • Communication devices

Concepts and terms to be highlighted:

  • Basic Components of a computer
  • Various input devices
  • Various output devices
  • Various storage devices
  • Various communication devices

Guidance for lesson Plan:

  • Search components of computers through the web browser and discuss with students
  • Identify the searched components in the computers and other devices in the laboratory

Guidance for assessment and evaluation:

  • Provide MCQ, Structured paper related to this topic.
  • Ask students to search and make an article about the Internet, the World Wide Web and Cloud Computing in order to display on the ICT notice board.

Quality inputs:

  • Computer with Internet Accessibility

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