GIT Practical Based Activity


General Information Technology

Grade 12

Conducting the exam

It is expect to held the exam in 16 stages with in eight days as two sessions per day, morning and evening. Applicants will be sent to his/her school computer lab or the nearest lab. In order to make students aware of the exam, three pilot tests will be held as follows,

1. First pilot test – within October 2018
2. Second Pilot test – last weeks of November 2018
3. Third Pilot test – within December 2018/ January 2019

Applicants will have to sit for 1st pilot test at his/her preferred center, 02nd & 03rd at selected centers. Zonal Directors of Education will direct the students those who do not have computer facilities to the nearest schools with such facilities.

General Information Technology
Structure of the Question Paper

Paper I –

This paper consists of 40 multiple choice questions each with 4 options. All questions should be answered. Each question carries one mark and the total marks for paper is 40.

Paper II –

Consists of 7 questions. All questions should be answered. Those 7 questions will be prepared as to cover the following fields. Total marks is 60.

1. operating systems – Marks Allocation (6)
2. word processing – Marks Allocation (12)
3. spreadsheets – Marks Allocation (12)
4. database management – Marks Allocation (6)
5. presentations – Marks Allocation (6)
6. Internet – email – Marks Allocation (6)
7. web development techniques – Marks Allocation (6)

Important : This exam will be conducted online.

Word Processing Software Practical – 01


Spreadsheet Software Practical – 01


Presentation Software Practical – 01


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