Grade 12 GIT Term Note – III Term

Grade 12

General  Information Technology

Term Note – III Term

Competency 6:

Uses the Internet efficiently and effectively to access and communicate information in day-to-day life

6.1 Explores the architecture of the Internet

6.2 Uses the internet services to access relevant information

Competency 7:

Develops websites incorporating multi-media components

7.1 Explores the arrangement and the composition of websites to organize pages and contents

7.2 Analyses user requirements (multimedia contents) for web pages

7.3 Uses HTML to create web pages

7.4 Uses authoring tool to create web pages

Competency 8:

Uses ICT efficiently and effectively to be successful in life

8.1 Explains the contribution of ICT towards

8.2 Seeks ICT career opportunities and paths to suit one’s life

8.3 Makes safe use of ICT with awareness on relevant issues

Grade 12

General Information  Technology

Term Note – III Term

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