Drill Display

Drill Display has become a tradition in Sri Lankan schools to include a drill in every sports meet.


Hundreds of students performing the same exercises to music is very much a part of the political control in countries like North Korea and China. Every National or Patriotic celebration includes a precisely performed drill display often involving several thousand children or adults.


No one questions its validity or enjoyment by the students and parents now expect such displays in primary and secondary schools. It has even been simplified to include many pre-schools much to the delight of parents.


This drill display began with the British Colonial occupation and along with some other educational traditions they are now are mainly seen in the ex- colonial countries.


Explanation: – Exhibition drill is a variant of drill that involves complex marching sequences which usually deviate from drill used in the course of ordinary parades.


Sample Drill Music :

Play Drill music by janelaya.com
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This Drill Music created by Music, Dancing & ICT teachers in PL/Shanthi Maha Vidyalaya, Polonnaruwa, North Central Province for Sports Meet Drill Display on 2018

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