23 Nov, 2018 Tamil 2 hrs 8 mins Thriller, Drama   Story Though the film has a not-so-bad premise, the narration turns unimpressive as the story progresses.     Director Raj Babu Actor Nakul Aanchal Munjal Prakash Raj   Sei Official Trailer   Please follow and like us:

Semmari Aadu

23 Nov, 2018 Tamil 2 hrs 16 mins Action, Drama, Romance   Story Semmari Aadu is a Tamil movie released on 23 Nov, 2018. The movie is directed by Sathish Subramaniam and featured Haritha and Sathish Subramaniam as lead characters.     Actor Haritha Sathis Subramaniam Dirctor, Producer Sathis Subramaniam Musician Renjith Vasudev Semmari Aadu Official Trailer     Please follow and like us:

Ayurvedic advice for a beautiful hair

How lucky it is to be a full-fledged long hairdryer? But who does she have today who has a beautiful haircut? Often we hear how various causes cause various types of illnesses and have a harmful influence on the hair hygiene. Hair loss, hair bumps, thinning, shingles, fading, lack of growth are the most common problems today. Why is this the case? What instructions should we follow if we want to keep our hair healthy?   With carelessness, hair is abnormal. Today, hair loss and lack of care are often…

Narangala Peak

Beautiful Narangala, with its golden grass, rises up to a height of over 1527m in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The summit of this second highest mountain in Uva, provides some of the very best views in the entire tropical island. In addition to it; the reasonable challenge that climbing it offers has made it a great favorite amongst hikers. The hiking trail starts in the Thangamalai Estate area. The name literally means ‘Golden Mountain’ in Tamil and is derived from the golden grasses that blanket the slopes of…