Information & Communication Technology

Grade 12

Competency 1:
Explores the basic concepts of ICT together with its role and applicability in today’s knowledge based society

Competency 2:
Explores the evolution of computing devices, so as to be able to describe and compare the performance of modern computers

Competency 3:
Investigates how instructions and data are represented in computers and exploit them in arithmetic and logic operations

Competency 4:
Uses logic gates to design basic digital circuits and devices

Competency 5 :
Uses operating systems to manage the functionality of computers

Competency 6:
Explores the data communication and computer networking technologies to share information effectively

Competency 7:
Explores the systems concept and uses systems analysis and design methodology in developing information systems

Grade 13

Competency 8:
Designs and develops database systems to manage data efficiently and effectively.

Competency 9 :
Develops algorithms to solve problems and uses python programming language to encode algorithms

Competency 10:
Develops websites incorporating multi-media technologies (using HTML 5)

Competency 11:
Explores IOT and identify the building blocks of embedded systems to develop simple applications

Competency 12:
Explores applicability of ICT to business organizations and the competitive marketplace

Competency 13:
Explores new trends and future directions of ICT

Information & Communication Technology

Grade 13 –  2020 Papers


Information & Communication Technology

Grade 13 – Papers


Information & Communication Technology

Grade 13 – Resources

General Information Technology (GIT)

Grade 12

Competency 01:

Explores the computer and its potential to reap timely benefits

Competency 02:

Explores the representation of data inside a computer

Competency 03:

Uses computers efficiently and effectively with awareness of Operating System (OS)

Competency 04:

Uses Application software in day to day activities

Competency 05:

Creates Multimedia contents to express ideas effectively

Competency 06:

Uses the Internet efficiently and effectively to access and communicate information in day-today life

Competency 07:

Develops websites incorporating multimedia components

Competency 08:

Uses ICT efficiently and effectively to be successful in life

Grade 12 GIT Exam

GIT Model Papers